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Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring has sprung... Err... Summer is here?

Guys, guys, guys... I am fairly certain the warm weather is here to stay in sunny Florida. Oh praise Jesus because my pasty white self has started to make me cringe a bit. I kid! Power to the pasty white people (insert prayer hand emoji)!
In our lovely world down here, it always seems like spring just gets completely bypassed and wham-a-bam, it's summer weather. Seriously, we went from high 50's during the day to mid 80's. My deodorant is in a state of shock with how quickly it's being kicked into work (read: sweat rings). Transparency is the name of the game people, transparency.
Anywho, it's Friday, it's going to be a warm summer spring day, and I'm feeling all kinds of feels for this warm weather. Just some reasons why I'm so happy it's here to stay:
one// Bikini season - yep, I'm pulling out those dusty bathing suits and putting them to good use.
two// Allergies - my allergies love the spring weather, said no allergies ever.
three// All the pretty flowers! I really do love seeing everything in bloom - it reminds us that each spring season brings new life.
four// Personal hygiene - I think my husband is more grateful for this than I am...
five// Going to the beach every other weekend because it's only a hop, skip, and a jump away.
Welcome spring/summer! Please make yourself at home for quite awhile because oh how I've missed you. Happy Friday, ya'll!

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  1. So jealous of your nice weather, my moms heading down to Florida next week and I want to jump in her suitcase so bad. I am ready for warm weather and i'd be completely okay with beach weather!! Enjoy it!

  2. I don't suffer from allergies (luckily) but that meme made me laugh! Haha! I loved this. I'm so thankful Spring is here! Up here in Ohio were in the 50's range most of the time and it's GLORIOUS!

  3. I'm getting in my car now, be there in a few hours.
    We are having some warm Spring rain today and the coldest it will be in the next two weeks is 57 degrees, so I'm calling it Spring and not looking back.
    Happy Friday Fabulous Friend!!


  5. Bahaha the leg hair thing! :-p I am excited about spring! I am super pasty white too and am so not ready to be in a swimsuit!

  6. I seem to have more allergies than the average person, but spring allergies aren't my thing - I have fall allergies instead. I guess my body just likes being weird and different! Oh, and talking about your 80 degree weather in Florida - NOT COOL. Those of us in the Midwest just hit the 50s for the first time in forever and our snow is almost gone! Then again, I don't envy your 100F+ days in the summer with all their humidity. Indiana is warm enough for me in the summer, thank you very much!