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Friday, March 27, 2015

...To see the captive hearts released...

Happy last Friday of March! This weekend is my dad's birthday so I'm sure we'll be celebrating that but otherwise, we plan on relaxing and making the most of our time. I'll be working on putting together a DIY banner for a baby shower so I will absolutely share that with ya'll next week.
We're in the last home stretch for Sessions here in the Florida Legislature, and I'm holding on for a wild ride. It's so crazy that a month of fun has already passed and we're looking down the barrel to the end. Crazy stuff people. Please be keeping me and my peeps in your thoughts and prayers as we navigate through these last few weeks.
The spoiling for this kid has already begun... MUST BUY ALL THINGS BABY! Is this what being an aunt feels like? You can absolutely spoil the heck out of the kid and then give him/her back to the parents? #sorrynotsorry Mike and SB!
So this weekend is supposed to be a high of 60's.... Uhm. What? You can come back warmer weather. No need to play hide-and-seek...
I've been trying to grow my hair out to a pre-crazy- Miley Cyrus length (like in the movie The Last Song) and I'm even more excited to get it long because thanks to Caroline's inspiration, I'll be donating my hair once I can get enough to donate.
Have I lost ya'll yet with all my ping-ponging rambling mess? No? Good! I hope ya'll have an awesome weekend!

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  1. Aww yeah I know what you mean...I felt like an aunt to some of my friends babies and so spoiled them :) Have a good weekend, friend! Looks like we both have dad's bdays!!

  2. hahaha- pre-crazy Miley Cyrus length. That made me laugh out loud. Praying for you and these last few weeks, Kel! Hope your dad has a great birthday!

  3. Love spoiling those little ones! I can NOT WAIT to see you when you chop off your hair :) Thanks for the shout out friend!!! Have a great weekend!