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Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Fluff

So the last couple of weeks have pretty much passed me by in the blink of an eye. No, seriously. I blinked and it's May 8, almost the middle of May. Like, what?
In honor of a beautiful Friday, some Friday fluff for you lovelies...
ONE// When you're married to a forester, your life pretty much revolves around "burn season." Hunter's work does prescribed burns starting in about January/February through July sometimes. So when your husband comes home and says, "No work this weekend" you get all sorts of giddy like a schoolgirl who was just promposed to. Feel all the feels!!
TWO// We're celebrating a couple of love birds' marriage next month with a shower tomorrow. Oh how it brings back the memories...
THREE// Guys, It's going to be 95 degrees tomorrow #sweattherapy. I'm not really sure if I'm ready for this much heat in one day!
FOUR// Hunter and I are pretty dang sure that Jep is finally reaching the chill mode. 1.5 years old with a little bit of snippage at a young age has finally paid off. Granted, the pup still needs to run some but overall, he's been a huge blessing. It makes me a little less anxious for our move in July to a much smaller yard.
FIVE// Speaking of moving, I've been in purge mode - less things to move with, the better. See, here's the thing, we're moving in July. At the end of July to be specific. If you're not aware, that's the hottest freakin time of the year here in Florida. Blessed Jesus, what was I thinking?!
Happy Friday my peeps! Don't forget to hug your momma, grandmomma, MIL, a woman on Mother's Day this Sunday!

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  1. I didn't know your husband was a forester! My husband's dad is a state forester and my BIL is a wildland firefighter. We were intimately involved with the Blue Mountain Crew that was lost a few years ago. It's a scary job!

  2. End of July moving?! Are you crazy?!!!! Yes, move as little as you need to..and drink lots of water, holy moly!

  3. It feels SO good to purge! Whether you're moving or not but ESPECIALLY if you're moving. And bless ya, lady... July moving will require lots of encouragement... and water. haha ;) BUT YAY for moving!!!

  4. How cool, I didn't know Hunter is a forester! I love purging for a move. It feels like a big weight comes off with every item I find a new home for!

  5. OH gosh we moved at the end of July last year. Biggest mistake ever. Sooooo hot! Have some fans and lots of water! :)