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Monday, June 1, 2015

Grateful for Monday's

Sometimes it's so hard to be grateful for that first day of the week. Whether you had a phenomenal weekend and don't want it to end, or you're just slap tired and need another day to rest from your weekend of fun - Monday's can be tough sometimes.
Last night as Hunter and I were settling in to watch a movie, Manny insisted on climbing into bed right next to me. Of course, I just thought it was so cute and had to snap a picture #fortheblog. I happened to snap it at just the right time - tongue stuck out to the camera like a little brat. It's moments like those that make me laugh and realize worrying over Monday coming around just isn't worth it sometimes.
Sometimes, you just have to stick your tongue out at the mundane things in life like worrying about tomorrow, wondering if the bathroom needs to be cleaned, trying to keep the floors vacuumed, etc. Sometimes, you just have to lay on your bed with your 75 pound pit bull and laugh at the silly things. I'm so grateful for those moments.
Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey



  1. To true, worrying about Monday is not going to keep it from coming. Cute picture of Manny. Dogs, they are wonderful! From Grateful Heart Monday. Happy Monday!!!

  2. A lesson that can be applied to most things: Worrying about something doesn't keep it from happening. Live life instead! Happy Monday, Kelly!

  3. oh how it's so much about those moments... goodness knows without them all of our heads would explode. so thankful for your reminder when life seems sort of overwhelming and insane lately!

  4. I love catching pictures like this. aren't they great!? I love your outlook on Monday's. They're coming whether we like it or not so why not make the best out of them.

  5. Yesterday was so hard for me! Jude is still waking up 2 times in the night, my weekend was anything but relaxing, we still have 3 weeks left of school.....but then I kept reminding myself, "one day at a time". It made it easier, for sure. And then I get home and my kids are snuggly and cute and it reminds me of why I'm doing all that I am!!