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Friday, June 26, 2015

Oh hi {insert waving girl emoji}

It's been a crazy week with Vacation Bible School so I am a tired gal for sure. It's that type of good tired though. Isn't it always so awesome that in the midst of the chaos, you see the beauty of it all:

one// Our VBS dancing skills are on point...

two// We've been picking up 3 of our youth girls + their little sister to all ride to VBS this week. Our daily jam sessions to songs like Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA, Lecrae's Church Clap, plus so many more has been a hoot. It sure does pass the time by!

three// Watermelon snacks on our ride over to the church, courtesy of my mom. Thanks mom!

four// Puppy snuggles at night just because they're so glad to see us.

Happy Friday friends! I plan on sleeping, cleaning, relaxing, and sleeping some more.
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  1. Loving the dance moves! You guys are killin it! I hope you're having a blast! Happy weekend friend!

  2. Yay!! Happy Friday! We had VBS this week too...SO FUN!

  3. AHH I miss the days of VBS and dance parties !!!