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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's my month of birth!

Ahhhh what a glorious month! And what a hot month, right? First let's make this very clear - I'm not wrapping my head around the fact that we're already halfway through the year. And furthermore, I'm not wrapping my head around the fact that I'll be 27 years of age this month too. I totally thought I was way younger...
For some fun, 27 things I've learned in my {almost} 27 years of life:
1:// Eat the chocolate. Seriously, life's way to short to not eat the chocolate.
2:// Don't sweat the small stuff. This is an every day learning process for me but I'm learning to not sweat the small stuff. At the end of the day, it's just really not worth it.
3:// People will disappoint you... and bad! People are sinful creatures and Lord knows, they're going to disappoint you. Whether it's big or small, remember they're human first. And guess what? I know I've disappointed too! Let's just accept it, move on, and be BFF's.
4:// Saying "no" to going all the time is okay. I've had this issue of saying "no" to things, and I love spending time with people but it got to the point of not having any down time. And ya'll, down time is so so soooo important. Especially with your husband.

5:// Take that time. As I've said, our life is way too short to fill it top to bottom with work, work, work. Take that time to rest, relax, heal your body. You're sick? Take that time! Your body is important.

6:// Material things are just that, material. Your dog chewed up your favorite shoes? Life goes on. Your favorite shirt got bleach on it? Life goes on. Your once favorite bed sheets have a tear in it because said-dog-that-chewed-the-shoes decided to throw a temper tantrum on the bed, thus ripping the sheets? Get a new dog. I kid! Life goes on.

7:// Laugh hysterically and pray earnestly because they unfriended you on Facebook. I'm going to say this with as much love as I can (and with little humor) - it's social media. Don't base your worth on the people on your friends list that you probably don't talk to. Ever. Base your worth in Christ. However, pray earnestly for those that you "lost" via social media because they need love too.

8:// Never be ashamed of who you are. Plain and simple, you are who you are. God designed you for a sole purpose, His purpose. Embrace your freak.

9:// Your husband is, and should be, your best friend. If you've made that contractual agreement (because it is, duh) to be with that person til death do you part, then you better like him.

10:// It's okay if you and your husband are living with your parents. It's called redirecting. Everybody in life has to do it at some point, if not at several points. Life throws you curve balls and sometimes you need the help of those around you. Take it.

Because I realized 27 is a lot of stuff, and because I'm partly medicated (thanks germs for making me sick), I decided to break this up in 2 parts. Honestly, my brain isn't functioning properly at the moment and all I'm thinking about it "what do I want for breakfast?". Check back next week for the remaining 17 epiphanies of life!

These were my wrestling caregivers yesterday + Manny (pitbull) sleeping on the couch

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  1. Happppppy birthday month! :) Woop, woop! I love your 10 lessons- especially about never being ashamed of who you are. YES!

  2. Dang girl, I hope you get to feeling like yourself again! Sickness is no fun! Although you sure did write a post full of sunshine :) Happy Birth Month, yay!

  3. "Get a new dog" this is hilarious!! I love that you stopped half way through, good for you, your blog, your rules!! Happy birthday month by the way! How super exciting!!!

  4. YAY for birthdays! And I love a good list to sum it all up! And #10...yep. We've been living with Steve's parents for the last 4 years. About to move out at the end of the month and as excited as I am, I'm also nervous!