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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Letters to Hunter

This letter is part of a link-up with the beautiful Mrs. Amber. These letters are snippets into our lives and treasures that I can hold onto dearly as we grow old.


Dear Hunter,

I know you'll agree with me when I say, "What a crazy, whirlwind of several months it has been!" And I think you'll also agree with me that it's only just beginning. As crazy as our days have been, having you by my side through it all has been rewarding and satisfying. Rewarding because I know I'm not in this alone; satisfying because you won't let me do it alone.

We've been fortunate (or just finally figured out how to manage time) lately to have been able to slow down and breathe. Sleeping in late on Saturday's, swimming lazily in the pool, and random trips to pick up ice cream and a Redbox movie has become a bit of the norm. Through it all - busy and slow - I've been witness to some of your greatest strengths. And they always amaze me.

Your ability to remain calm during the storm is absolutely contagious for a gal like me who tends to be somewhat of a tornado, leaving a trail of devastation and messes to clean up later. Your steadiness is a stronghold for me to lean into, onto, and against. In my wildest moments, I always turn to you because you're my voice of reason; my better half; the creamy peanut butter to my wild berry jelly.

We always joke that you're the Type B to my Type A - we complete each other. When I'm stressing over the most minuscule detail of God-knows-what, you're quick to show me the bigger picture. That in the grand scheme of things, sometimes those little details just don't matter.

Thank you for being the steady foundation in our marriage, our friendship, and as my lover. God knew what He was doing when he lumped us together.

Always yours,


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  1. These are so sweet :) My husband is definitely the Type-B to my A personality-- thank goodness! I need him to bring me back down to Earth regularly!

  2. Ohhhh goodness, the calm in the storm. Yes, I completely hear this. I think our husbands' ability to be calm, cool, and consistent in the midst of chaos is so helpful and such a comfort when discomfort abounds. So often I wonder how I handled the crazy circumstances in live before I knew Jason!

  3. <3 <3 <3 I think it's so special you're doing this... to have these to look back on is going to be incredible!

  4. Awhh this is so sweet!! I think it's like a built in feature to have a calm husband in the storm. Mine is always the one who tries to stay calm and keep me calm during rough times. This will be so cute for your kiddos to look back on :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants