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Friday, August 7, 2015

Have you adulted this week?

We have officially survived a week of adulting. And by adulting I mean unpacking, washing clothes, cooking our own meals. You know, adulting. The first week in our home has really been a quick one!
one:// Chef Kelly - I swear I should have my own cooking show. I love to cook! Baking, not so much, but cooking... That's my jam. It's so therapeutic for me to be in the kitchen and I always love a good challenge. I tackle new recipes, making up recipes, and just trying to test the boundaries of cooking. So far this week, I've made venison (deer meat) country fried steak from scratch {first time ever} with wild rice and salad. The husband approved and asked for more. Last night I cooked an oven baked BBQ chicken (thank you Pioneer Woman for the inspiration) with potato wedges and salad. Husband approved and asked for more.
please excuse mess... We're unpacking, people
two:// Play dates - since Hunter and I are currently awaiting approval for a fence from our wonderful HOA (sarcasm dripping) our pups have been going to stay with their grandparents during the day. I swear they're like little humans: In the mornings they have the biggest smiles and waggiest tails when it's time to go. And they're pooped when they come home in the evenings. To my in-laws: THANK YOU!
three:// The rumor weed - We have so much yard work to do + pressure washing + planting things. Thus, this Saturday will be spent dying working in the yard and getting those weeds out of my beautiful flowers.
Have a good weekend friends!

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  1. Yard work - bleh! It never ends, huh?!!!

  2. I adult far too frequently!! Although I quite like cooking too. My dad would have LOVED your venison! He is always looking for new ways to cook it since he usually has a freezer full of it. (My mom doesn't love it) I hope your weekend is productive and you find time to relax somewhere in there!! xo

  3. Good for you, girl!! Your meals look awesome!! And yes- I've had to adult way too much this weekend... and I'm still not caught up. Hope you had a great weekend! :)

  4. Hope you got all those weeds out. HOAs are the best right (sarcasm).

    Your food sounds ddeeeelishhh!!!

  5. sounds like you are really busy! hopefully everything is getting crossed off that to-do list!