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Monday, September 21, 2015

Grateful + Memories

As I was sitting on my couch the other evening, I was immediately struck with a blog post that I had written some time last year, before we were married. I knew I had to find it because I wanted to reflect on where we were (pre-marriage) and where we are now, almost celebrating 1 year. To catch ya'll up to speed with me, here is the post I had written back in July 2014:
In the midst of all our times together, and leading up to the wedding, it's been exciting and an honor to watch Hunter grow.

Over 3 years ago, I was so smitten by his sweet smile, his caring heart, and his southern ways. He had stolen my heart early on. As our time together grew and we began to learn more about each other, it was when he fully decided to follow Christ that I just fell head over heels in love with him.

Don't get me wrong, I was in love with him before he decided to follow whole-heartedly his Savior. But once Hunter made that decision to walk in the Spirit, I had never experienced a love and respect for somebody as deep as I did for him.

I'm talking gut-wrenching admiration for a man that I didn't know was possible. Because he was adament in loving like Christ did, loving him became so easy. And amazingly, that love and respect only deepens with each passing breath.

For me, the latest song by Lee Brice called "I Don't Dance" reminds me so much of Hunter's journey over the last 3 years. He used to be hard-headed, go-with-the-flow kind of guy. A guy that loved, but with reservations. He'll be the first to admit that, in essence, he "didn't dance."
I’ll never settle down,
That’s what I always thought
Yeah, I was that kind of man,
just ask anyone
As we have grown closer over the years, and as he learned to trust and love like Christ, his heart melted and he opened up. It was inspiring and still is to this day, and moves me in so many ways to be a better woman.
Thank you Lord for loving my husband-to-be so much that you changed his heart. Thank you Lord for bringing a man into my life that loves me just as you want him to. Thank you Lord for our every day struggles, triumphs, and dreams because we're experiencing them together.
I thank God EVERY DAY for Hunter's life intertwining with mine, and for allowing me to be a part of his.
Love’s never come my way,
I’ve never been this far
Cause you took these two left feet
And waltzed away with my heart

Hunter, for a man that never danced, it's been a blessing dancing with you. I cannot wait to dance away the rest of our lives. I love you.
Wow, that brings back so many memories and all I can do is smile. And just be so grateful for all that God has blessed me with. I am not worthy of anything, especially His love and grace. But gosh dang it, He gave it to me and you and all of us so freely; what a concept! Happy Monday folks :)

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey


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  1. Love this! Such a sweet need to go back and read this every year. :)

  2. I still love this! Amy's right, you need to bookmark this and reread it each year!

  3. :) :) Awesome. Vows are obviously important but I think the little (and big) vows we make to each other over the years and the thankfulness we feel and give are incredibly special too!

  4. This is so sweet. It is also nice to be able to look back at your love story and see where God was working.