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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Coffee Date

It's been a hot minute since we've sat down and had some coffee, talked about life, work out the kinks, etc. Come on, let's grab some brew in that ole controversial red cup #GetALifePeople #BestMarketingEver...
I would be quick to give you the biggest hug. People are all about that personal bubble nowadays and guarding their space. I say let's bust that bubble wide open and let's start embracing each other warmly and without fail.
I'd ask your advice on fencing. Simply put, our 2 pups decided to get smart after 3 months of being in the backyard, fenced in, and dug their way out. I came home from work to the animal control hanging out with them in my front yard. To top it off, it was on Friday the 13th #Superstitious #LittleStitious.
I'd want to know what your plans are for Thanksgiving and Christmas (because that's what Hunter and I celebrate). Would you be traveling? Staying close to home? I'm eager to say that we are actually staying home this year and we need it. Of course, hunting season opens Thanksgiving morning so I'm sure we'll be out in the woods #WeHuntForMeat.
I would ask what's going on in your life. How's work, school, relationships? I would ask because I want to know where your heart is at so that I could be in prayer for you. Did you know that if you actually say a person's name during your prayer it becomes that much more personal and bold? I had forgotten to actually say a person's name when I would be praying on their behalf. It really changes the way your heart beats.
In return, I'd ask for your prayers. Prayers over our youth ministry and our tiny little church that could. Prayers for peace as we are entering into a season of frustration and unanswered questions. I would probably tear up, fight back those tears, and not make eye contact with you. Simply because I don't like to cry in front of others.
I would ask that we do this again soon. I'm all about that personal time spent together. We never know what tomorrow will hold so let's embrace today for what it is.

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  1. Love getting to virtually have coffee, friend!

  2. Prayers for you and for Hunter and that amazing little church. This was a great coffee, date :)

  3. Yes please, I'll take a hug! Soooo...when you first said fencing, I thought swords, white suits and funny masks over your face. :-p Ohhhh....fencing your dogs?! Those little boogers. Praying for your youth ministry! I'd probably start crying and make you end up crying. :)