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Monday, November 16, 2015

Gratefulness + Stillness

Whoa, a little bit of radio silence there eh? It happens, life happens. How in the heck have ya'll been? Preparing for Thanksgiving, I hope. Can you believe it's next week?
We've been busy on our end of life. Between working full-time jobs + leading youth (or herding cats) + events to raise funds for said cats to go to said camp + holiday shenanigans... It tends to take over your life. By the way, totally unshameless plug here... If you would like to donate to our youth's Go Fund me account, feel free to click on over to donate and help send our kids to camp in July.
When life tends to get that busy and when you have more things added on that sometimes aren't necessarily welcomed, I'm grateful for the stillness. Whether it's sitting on the couch with my husband, doing a girl's day with my mom, sending videos of us singing happy birthday to our 2 year old pup to my MIL to brighten her day, solving life's biggest issues with my dad or FIL... it's those moments of stillness that I embrace.
I'll try not to let the radio silence happen too often but, sometimes, life takes precedence. The good, the bad, and the not so great. Through it all, I will always say, "It is well with my soul, Lord. It is well."

I would like to ask for prayer - I really do believe in the power of it. At this time, it will remain as an unspoken prayer request but I will ask this: pray for peace. Peace in our family's hearts as we are digesting some information we've received. When the time is right, I will share, but for now all I ask is for prayer. Thank you, friends!
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  1. Praying, my friend! Being still is good...even being away from blog :) That's why I don't post as much anymore. P.S. You were cracking me up about "said cats" :-p

  2. You've got my prayers, friend. (Don't feel bad about a break - mine has gone beyond extended lol but you're right, life takes precedence sometimes!!)

  3. Kel, I am so sorry I'm just now reading this but please know you and your family be in my prayers tonight!