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Monday, December 7, 2015

Gratefulness unending

December is ceremoniously following the footsteps of the previous months in 2015... It's flying by quicker than I'm prepared for! There's so much to be grateful for though -
+ I'm grateful for Christmas trees, music, smells, colors, cheers... I can't get enough of it!
+ I'm grateful for time spent with family as we decorate our homes for this festive season.
+ I'm grateful for yummy homemade dinners and good laughs at the dinner table with friends.
+ I'm grateful for mine and Hunter's careers - we are both extremely blessed to have our jobs, to be able to work with some really amazing people, and to have those moments to celebrate our time together through our work Christmas parties.
Hunter and his coworkers - such a great group!
+ I'm grateful for our pups - Jep is currently convinced that all the Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree are for him. He lovingly admires each ornament on our tree...
+ I'm grateful for Hunter. His leadership, his heart, and his undying love for the Lord and people... He so desperately loves God's people! I so thankful that he and I are a team in every aspect. I love that we have taken on a new ministry to provide clothes (for free) to those in need. While I'm in that vein, I want to say a HUGE thank you to those that have donated wonderful clothes for our ministry closet. I'm literally blown away by the love that people have shown towards others. With that said, if you have gently used clothes you're looking to get rid of, we'll take them! As we always say, it takes absolutely nothing to love on others while providing them with a basic need (clothes).
Embrace this season friends! I challenge each of ya'll to find a ministry or cause that will give back to others. It really is all about giving!
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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  1. Christmastime is just full of things to be grateful for!

  2. I just love Christmas too! Love singing Christmas songs, even if it drives my hubby nuts :-p

  3. I am grateful for Christmastime as well!! And for my hubby's work! He just celebrated 7 years with his company and they've treated him very well!