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Monday, January 25, 2016

Gratefulness + Recoup

Hellur Monday, you're a mighty cold one today! Well, cold for Florida's standards.
I so love that I can finally wear my stockings, boots, scarves, super-huge pea coats. My little eskimo-wannabe heart is content. With all the cold weather this past weekend, north Florida got to experience a little bit of "snow". I'll be very honest - I laughed hysterically over everybody freaking out at the sight of flakes that never touched the ground.
I will say though, I am so grateful for those eager-beaver folks because #letsbehonest, the world needs more folks like them.
This past weekend was really a "taking stock" kind of weekend. A weekend where I was able to just do what I wanted. Part of Saturday was spent shopping for myself, and then I was able to join in on a cookie ministry my sweet friend had put together with some ladies in her church.
Dinner plans with friends were so thoroughly enjoyed Saturday evening. Sunday was spent resting and cleaning. Resting because our oh-so-sweet pup decided to wake me up at 3:30AM with no intentions of slowing down. I really think I can handle anything a human kid throws our way when that time comes.
Rambling aside, I'm grateful for weekends and moments like these. Moments where I can recoup my sanity and really enjoy my me time. It's in those moments that remind me the beauty in life, and to make sure I'm enjoying each day. Hope each of ya'll had a glorious weekend! For all those who live north of Florida (which is everybody) and got to experience lots of snow - we loved seeing all the snowmen and snow angels!
A Grateful Heart with Ember Grey

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  1. Those are some of the best types of weekends!

  2. why has my dog recently started the whole 3:30 am wake up time thing too??? I want to understand.

    Hope you're fairing ok in that crazy weather (:

  3. Haha yes indeed, girl, puppies are great training for human toddlers! :)
    Sanity gathering moments are so important - I'm delighted we both had some 'me' time this weekend! Like chicken soup for the soul. (Whatever happened to those books..>???) :)

  4. Sounds like such a great weekend!!! I love those days where you can just do whatever you want!!! :)

  5. Restful weekends are always a pleasure. I'm in Charleston, and I was happy to see flurries, but of course they didn't last. The upper part of the state did get snow and it stuck for 2 days. Wish we could have gotten some snow. Found you over at Ember Grey and visiting from Sunshine and Elephants.