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Monday, February 1, 2016

Baffling ways

Have you ever just become so confused by things in life that you almost can't even begin to try and understand it? There are many things in life that leave me scratching my head and saying, "Bless your heart"... And please know this is all in good fun. I know I do/say things that just don't make sense to folks. Feel free to roast me ;)
+ Juicing - I know it has it's health benefits and this and that. But just eat the fruit or vegetable. Isn't that the same thing? I guess if one doesn't like eating the fruit or vegetable it would be different. But goodness... that's a waste of a perfectly good item if all you're taking is the juice!
+ Hot coffee on a hot, summer day - Remember, I live in Florida. Ice coffees all the way, baby. I do love hot coffee on a bitter cold day. But hot coffee on a hot, summer day? Lord, I'd pass out.
+ Nay-sayers - I'm all about that "dream big" and those party poopers really are no fun to be around. Of course, I'm not going to jump off a cliff without a bungee cord attached and scream, "Dream BIG!" as I plummet to my death. Common sense, people.
+ Pew warmers - There, I said it. Pew-warmers who show up to church just to get that check-mark and pat on the back will always confuse me. And honestly, it's something I'll never try to understand or explain. Ha!

This honestly just made me laugh!

+ Kids/tweens that date - You're 12 years old. Where the heck are you going to go on a date? Chuck E Cheese?? And then when they break up it's like they've lost the love of their lives. YOU'RE 12!!

+ Scary/gory movies - Just, ewww.... I can go for a scary movie and will probably scare you more than the movie does with my screaming, jumping, and carrying on (I'm really very dramatic - it always cracks Hunter up). But when it's scary/gory, like Saw or Hostel, gag me gross. Just, no.
+ Grace upon grace - I'm so unworthy of it all. Whether it comes from the Big Man or those around me. I'm always humbled when grace is given, and thus, I try to give grace too.
As much as these things confuse me (plus others that I won't list simply because I'm not all about that arguing on the internet, ha!), I know that they are a part of somebody's lifestyle. I know I have quirks and batty things that I do/say that just don't make sense to others. Hey, it's all the loose nuts and bolts that make the world go 'round, right?

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  1. See- I can't stand the taste of veggies. So I understand the juicing. But the teens that date... It ain't happening. I just want to scream OH YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN WHO I WAS DATING AT THAT POINT...& crush their dreams 😂

  2. When I was that age I would say things like, "Oh, those two are going out." And my parents would always respond, "Really? Where are they going? Because they can't drive." And it would make me SO mad hahaha

  3. A lot of people drink hot coffee in the summer because they say it forces their body to cool down. But I will never understand it.