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Monday, February 22, 2016

We've lost our marbles

The hubs and I started a couple of weeks ago this really weird thing where we're eating healthier, and packing healthy lunches, and meal planning dinners, and exercising. Like in a gym. I know, I'm just as shocked as ya'll are while typing those words out.
But we're doing it! And we're totally kicking butt!
Now I know a few of ya'll are looking at me like, "Child, you don't need to exercise." Can I share a teensy tiny little bit of info with you? Just because one is skinny does not mean one is healthy. For example, I may be skinny but I was eating like a junkyard dog, exhausted all.the.time, and I could barely climb a flight of stairs without dying.
So a huge part of this healthy adventure we're on involves eating healthier. That means we gave up fast foods and are packing lunches. As a newbie to the world of healthy, I was constantly looking for ideas on how to pack more diverse, yet healthy, yet filling because the hubs works crazy hours, yet yummy lunches. After a couple of trial and errors, we have succeeded.
Funnily enough, as we're trying to strengthen and make our spiritual walks more healthy, we're also tackling our physical health. Because at the end of the day, we just feel so much better. And I've gotta take a minute to brag - I'm beyond proud of Hunter for taking this step. I mean, the guy is having to drag me to the gym most days! Knowing that we're working towards this goal together is very humbling and refreshing.
I'm actually not going to post any before and after pics because, in my non-professional opinion, the number on the scale means jack-squat. For us, being healthy is actually feeling good about your body and feeling confident in your skin; being proud of yourself on what you've accomplished; and in my case, having the ability to get up a dang flight of stairs without contemplating calling 911.
So if you have any questions (again, not a pro here), feel free to contact me about what we've been doing to get healthy and to stay healthy.

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