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Monday, March 21, 2016

Celebrations, oh my!

This past weekend was full of firsts, celebrations, and victories in many ways...
+ We celebrated this little cutie's birthday on Saturday with a "Pow-Wow" theme and it was precious. His mother is officially hired to do all of our kids' birthday parties. Happy birthday, Abel! Mr. Hunter and Mrs. Kelly love you so very much!

+ A high school friend of Hunter's got married this past weekend and it was so wonderful and beautiful. He also really enjoyed seeing some old faces and being able to catch up. Fun fact, Hunter's high school graduation class was whopping total of 20 people - 10 boys, 10 girls. Compare that to my 500+ graduating class... Ha!
+ Now that spring has sprung, house projects are underway! We have a tree that overhangs our fence in the backyard and, of course, drops tons of leaves. With the accumulation of leaves and wet ground, we were having quite the mosquito problem. We decided to tackle that this weekend and ya'll, I'm pretty sure we have been breeding the Zika virus in our backyard. It was awful! But our backyard is looking better already!
+ I have to say, Hunter and I have really come to have a lot of peace in our hearts about some decisions we were needing to make and with other personal things in our lives. I will share soon one of those decisions (no, it's not a baby) because honestly, we need prayer. And we're excited + nervous. How's that for a cliff-hanger?
Happy Monday folks! It's a coolish day here in north Florida but the sun is shining, birds are tweeting, and pollen is thick as all heck. But the good Lord woke us up this morning so let's embrace it all.

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  1. Happy Monday!! Sounds like a great weekend. 20 My class was 500ish as well - I'd bet he knew everyone really well though!
    I'll say coolish for you is not the same as 2 of Spring and we're at a whopping 32 degrees...yippee. Ha! And I'm pretty sure I've moved straight from having a nasty cold to now suffering from allergies, with no break for my poor sinuses in between. But yes, we are awake, God is still good, and we are still saved! =) HAPPY MONDAY!!

  2. Cliff hanger, for sure!

    What a fun weekend. Love all the celebrating

  3. That Pow Wow birthday party looks so amazingly adorable!

  4. Such a fun weekend!! What a cute "pow wow" theme - the setting is so dreamy!