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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Table + Marriage

Shortly after Hunter and I were married, we took on the wild notion that we wanted to build a kitchen table for our home. Something that would last us years, sturdy in every sense of the word. We wanted a style that exuded simpleness because that defines who we are.
After searching around for a design that we felt we could accomplish, we visited our local Home Depot to purchase all the materials. As our eyes roved over the various shapes, sizes, types of wood, our hearts settled on pieces and parts. I was the visionary - I saw the final picture, the end piece; Hunter focused on the details that would comprise our wood work. Much like our marriage, I see the end design all placed together nice and neatly, not entirely sure what all it will take to get there, while he reminds me, shows me, and guides me on how to get to that end piece.
We laid out our wood panels on the rough concrete driveway, debated length x width, concurred with each other on various things while disagreeing on others. He allowed my jumbled words to so poorly describe my dreams and visions - and he shuffled about ensuring they would come to fruition. I held the pieces while he operated the tools because I trust him more. I trust that he will align the boards properly, guide the screws into each little nook and cranny, all while I watch with glee and follow his lead.
Sanding and smoothing out the rough patches commenced thereafter. Paint and a light staining was applied to the bare wood pieces. Seeing something so clean and plain become a vision I had imagined, all done by our hands, was exhilarating. I already knew exactly where this table would go in our home, the artwork that would hang around it on our tan walls, and the mix-matched chairs to accompany it.
We chatted lightly over the memories that were being made and would be made at this table. We would wine and dine, host and boast, say our prayers over this table. We would make hard decisions, laugh over frivolous things, shed tears in each others' presence. Our children would learn "please" and "thank-you's" here; how to eat properly with an occasional food fight because spontaneity; homework would be fussed over and noodles will be glued to construction paper. Spills and stains will mar parts of it. Dogs will eagerly await from under the table while we not-so-secretly slip food down to them. Life, marriage, family, love has been and will be lived and celebrated over this farmhouse style kitchen table.

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  1. LOOOOOVE it, Kel!!! It's beautiful!!

  2. I love the table and the sentiment!!

  3. It's gorgeous! How awesome that you tackled this project together! :)