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Monday, May 16, 2016

Soul rejuvenation

Lovely weekends tend to make Monday's just a little bit harder to come back to. Whether it's time spent with family and friends, or celebrating the little moments, creating memories for years to come can always make for wonderful weekends. We had just that - little moments with old friends, God-moments with new friends, laughter, sun {maybe some sunburn}, and a few more laugh lines on our faces.
We spent Friday evening and Saturday evening with friends - old and new. I'm part of a very small bible study group; it's just me and 3 other gals. We do life together, study the Word intently together, pick each other up, encourage each other throughout the week. A fun fact about our group: we absolutely do not meet unless every person can attend. It creates accountability and reliability between each other.

Now ya'll know, my sweet husband is quite the country boy. He is everything country and southern and my my, he's all mine. HA! We decided to go bass fishing Saturday morning and really enjoyed our little bit out on the water. We caught a few bass, some tree stumps, and sun rays. I love watching him in his elements and he loves teaching me a thing or two.
God really has a good sense of humor and has a knack for orchestrating folks getting together. My sweet uncle and aunt (hey uncle Steve and aunt Jenny!) were traveling through our area a few weeks ago so naturally, we met up with them over lunch. They mentioned getting in touch with a friend of theirs who runs the local Young Life here. We said sure, not sure what would come of it, knew in our minds there was no way in heck we would be leading anything because, duh, we had stepped down from youth leadership just a few months back. But we thought sure, let's meet the guy and if anything, establish connections.
We had dinner with the fella, his lovely wife, and their adorable children last night. Ya'll, God's a hoot. Really, He is. We instantly connected and felt God's presence was with us through the entire meal and conversation. We swapped stories and promises of more to come. Hunter and I are eager to see where this leads and love to serve. Prayers would be much appreciated!

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  1. I love that you're in that small Bible study group :) Community done right!

  2. Very cool about your small group not meeting unless everyone is there. That's a great way to keep everyone accountable, I think- I love it!