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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Letters to Hunter

Dearest Hunter,
Let's not talk about how it's already almost August. Or that my 28th birthday came and went in the blink of an eye. As I've said lately, 28 and 29 are my fluff years; 30 will need to go out with a bang. How can I possibly be 30 in 2 years? I still feel like I'm 16 years old!
Life's been pretty hectic lately. We've had a lot thrown at us - some good, some great, some we could live without - but no matter what, we keep our eyes on the Prize and each other. I had a friend say to me recently, "How do you manage to keep your head on straight with all that you're dealing with right now?!" My answer: Prayer and coffee. Lots of coffee.
In the midst of all the chaos, we've seen God's mercies and grace and His deep-seated love for us. I love that when we wake in the mornings, we wake with a purpose and to make the most of that day. I really hope that when our feet hit solid ground in the mornings, the devil is saying, "Damn! They're awake." It's the little things that keep us going - ice cream runs after dinner; staying up late to watch movies; working through bible studies together, and challenging each other to dig deeper in those thoughts; laughing until our sides are splitting at the stupidest things.
Hunter, I love you truly and madly and more than words can say. You complete my life - without your calm, steady, level-headed self, I'm a wrecking ball taking out those around me. I love your gentleness and truthfulness. I love that we can agree to disagree on different things and that we never attack each other. I love how you love me - passionately, sweetly, without end. I love that you're mine.
Weathering these storms with you daily,

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