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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

You might be a hunter's wife if....

Already I'm married to a man named "Hunter" (fun fact: that's not his real first name) so it would only be naturally acceptable that I'm married to a hunter. Ha! See what I did there. You can imagine my frustration when my phone tries to differentiate between Hunter and a hunter....

Just to poke some fun at being a hunter's wife (and because duck season is just around the corner - I'm being reminded daily):
Of course I had to throw in a cute scarf while hunting. Fashion isn't dead in the woods.

You might be a hunter's wife if... you purposefully don't buy ground beef, steaks, or sausage because hello. If deer season is successful, you'll have all of that to last you until the next deer season.

You might be a hunter's wife if... you have to/had to plan your wedding around hunting season. And if somebody doesn't come to your wedding during hunting season, you really don't take offense to it because hey, it's what a hunter's wife does.

You might be a hunter's wife if... your smart tv plays nothing except Duck Commander videos about a month before duck season because your husband is trying to get himself pumped up/learn techniques/etc.

You might be a hunter's wife if... you're in public with you husband and he sees ducks or geese on a pond and starts making their mating call (I'm not joking, this has happened numerous times). You also know to just walk away because nobody has time for that embarrassment.

You might be a hunter's wife if... you really are excited about hunting season coming up because that means you get to have your me-time. Which is so overdue by this point in the year.

You might be a hunter's wife if... seeing your husband truly enjoy his passion in life in turn makes you swell with pride and happiness. 

**All of these apply to fishermen's wives... Which I am one of those too.

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  1. Number one! So much number one. We even bought a deep-freezer just for deer meat...and usually we don't even get through all of it each year. It's a little sad because the only way I can eat venison is ground and it has to be in something (spaghetti, tacos, etc.), but it saves us SO much money and it's so much healthier. Lean ground beef (93/7) is still nowhere near as lean as the venison we get, and costs $6 a pound versus about $1 for the venison.

  2. Hahaha! Love it! Man, I miss eating so much venison. I grew up with a dad who brought it home all the time. Love Duck Commander. And you had me rolling on the floor laughing at your hubby making the mating calls. My dad actually used to do that too so I get it.