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Monday, September 12, 2016

Letters to Hunter

Oh how is it that we will have been married for 2 years next month? I'm pretty sure the world has started spinning faster since we first met each other. Our awkward first moments are long since past and we're quite the 2 peas in a pod duo. We more times than not know what the other is thinking without a word ever being said. I'm still always amazed at how well you can read me - my eyes give me away every time.
This marriage stuff has been fun but people don't tell you about the real marriage stuff. Like how we have to make hard, scary decisions together and hope that they work out. Or how all our little quirks can really drive us closer to each other. Or they way we just lay and giggle over the stupidest things until we can't laugh anymore. Sometimes, the real marriage stuff is holding the garbage bag open while the other scoops dog poop up. It's the little things.
We balance each other out so well - when one is the dreamer, the other is the realist. When one is moody, the other grounds. When one is feeling far from God, the other reels them back in. And we always rotate our positions, like fluid dancers on the floor of life. Moving, shaking to the beat of the drums. I don't think you'll ever truly realize how much I cherish your friendship, Hunter. The fact that we are the best of friends with each other is the driving force behind my love for you.
We're on a journey and I'm eager to walk beside you. I'm not sure how everything will end but I know one thing for sure - you will be there in the end. Your strong guidance leading us down into the dark valleys until we come out on the other side where the light is so bright that we will have to squint to see. And when our eyes focus on what's in front of us, we will know that this journey was done hand-in-hand.
I'll love you forever, my gentle giant,

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  1. This is so sweet! Congrats on almost two years of marriage :)

    I just started following your blog on bloglovin and I'm obsessed<3 I would love a follow back!
    xo Nicole