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Monday, November 7, 2016


With the time change this past weekend, I was convinced I was running late to work this morning because the sun was shining bright and early. Alas, I wasn't and it's already been a wonderful Monday morning! I'm pretty sure the weekend we had plays a major factor into how the start of our weeks will go.
We spent some time Saturday in a sweet little coastal town not too far from us at their Seafood Festival. If you're ever in the area of Apalachicola, be sure to stop and shop there. If you're a microbrewery kind of person, they've got a great brewery there. Of course, be sure to eat some oysters while you're in town since that's what they're known for.
I'm usually always on the go whether it's running around town or busying myself with things to do around the house. Hunter always says, "Do you ever slow down?" Well friends, I did this past weekend. I literally lounged on the couch for about 2-3 hours early Saturday morning while waiting on Hunter to get back from hunting. And wouldn't you know, we spent yesterday afternoon lounging in our new-to-us hammock while sipping on sweet tea. The mere fact that I was still this past weekend was so nice and refreshing!
My prayers today are that each of you are having a wonderful Monday thus far and your week will be even better. Go ahead and get that Starbucks drink you've been eyeing. You deserve it.

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