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Monday, December 12, 2016

He {IS} mine

"Today, I choose JOY."
This past Saturday evening, Hunter and I spent time with our fellow youth Sunday school teachers and enjoyed a delicious, southern-comfort meal, complete with a hayride. It was just what the doctor called for. On our way home, I cranked up the different worship songs and sang my little heart out.
I got to thinking though: How cool is it that I can call the God of the universe MINE? And He claims me as His own. It says in John 10:29 that I am in God's hands and can never be snatched from Him. So think about it like this - Jesus has me in the palm of His hand through His death on the cross and my belief in Him. Then Jesus is in the palm of God's hand because that is His only begotten son. So I'm in the palm of Jesus' hand, who is in the palm of God's hand. I'm never getting out of that!
I think many times, Christians tend to either forget or dilute the beauty of being one of God's children. It becomes so second nature to our very thought process that we are no longer stirred into utter amazement when we stop to think about it. My challenge for you today, brothers and sisters, is to stop and meditate on the fact that you are HIS. You will always be His and that can never be taken from you.
Remember why we celebrate Christmas time and the joy that it should bring into our lives. Even if everything is going wrong during this time of rejoicing, remember that you are loved so deeply and vastly that your brain cannot even begin to wrap itself around that notion. Even when the day may seem dark and dreary, or the finances aren't there to be able to have "the best Christmas", or you're STILL waiting on your Christmas miracle in the form of a child, God is there. Has been there. Will always be there. Find your true JOY in Him this season.

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