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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Adventure {AWAITS}

Happy Tuesday! Hopefully everybody had a wonderful weekend and were ready to face this new week head on. We've had some pretty rainy weather these last several days and I'll be honest, it makes getting out of bed in the mornings pretty dern tough. I just want to stay in bed and snuggle all day long. But duty calls...
Have you ever had an ah-ha moment? A moment where it seemed that clarity settled in and you decided to change your ways? Yea, no?
Hunter and I had an ah-ha moment this past weekend where we decided to get out of routine and into adventure. Hear me out for a sec - we have somewhat of a routine each week and weekend. Now there's nothing wrong with a little bit of routine; I love a good schedule. But when your routine tends to undermine the chance for adventure, it can get a little, well, boring. So we've decided to start adventuring!

We have so many great things close to us - the Gulf coast, adorable towns, hiking trails, and so much more. Panhandle Florida really is a neat place and we totally take it for granted! Of course we'll have to be reasonable because #brokerthanbroke, but we decided we shouldn't wait until "we have the means" to go and do and see and live and be. We're not guaranteed tomorrow so why wait to live until then when you can live today?
With that said, we've got a few ideas and plans up our sleeves.  But if you have any ideas of fun things that you've done in the past, we're open ears to any and all suggestions! As I've mentioned before, 2017 has been a growing year for us and we don't want to waste any moment of life that wasn't lived to the max. Seek adventure, my friends!

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  1. Love, love, love the idea of adventuring!

  2. These thoughts are so on point and inspiring. Go have fun in your adventures!