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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Life as we know it...

... Are work day mornings rushing around, trying to get ready, pack lunches, take the dog out, etc. We always pause to kiss each other goodbye and give well wishes for the day.

... Has been full of surprises in just this year alone.

... Reminds us to slow down here and there when we get to going too much. We always try to make time to just sit and be still.

... Is made up of afternoons spent walking our yard and playing with Manny. We've been watching him closely over these last few months to see how he would handle being an only pup. We're convinced he's happy as a clam knowing that he gets our full attention and snuggles.

... Has made us really happy despite the down moments. God has walked with us in some of our scariest, darkest times and we know He will continually walk with us in the days to come.

Life as we know it is sweet and wonderful, full of love and happenings. Life as we know it, is GLORIOUS.

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