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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Is it New Year's Resolution Time?

So driving into work today, my mind was spinning with all of the DIY craft ideas I am gearing up to do. I was getting all of my ducks in a row, so to speak. To help myself prioritize {{and to give you lovely folks a sneak peek of what's to come}} I have included a list below of my top 5 ideas that I will attempt to craft, and hopefully succeed. Here they are:

1) Palette headboard -- I have seen this before and I LOVE IT! I'm a vintage, rustic, country kind of gal so wood designs are my favies. I'm hoping it'll look a little something like this:
{image provided by Google}
2) Wood wall -- Again, going off the rustic feel here... I came across this the other day and thought "How stinkin cool is that?!" Therefore, I have a small area in the master bedroom of my house {just a couple more weeks until I move back into it!} that will boast this wood wall proudly. Heck, the deer mount even looks cute here! (Warning label: I am a hunter, I would like a couple of mounts in my home)
{image provided by Just a Girl Blog}
3) As I've mentioned before, I love to cook and I love food. My mother and grandmothers have more recipes than one can imagine and we're always referring to them. I thought (and saw an idea) how cool would it be to take a couple of my favorite recipes of theirs and frame them. These lovely ladies would make their debut in my kitchen:

{image provided by Pinterest}
4) My sweet friend Kate showed me a couple of cute ideas that I could do with mason jars:

 {images above and below provided by Pinterest}
5) Last and certainly not least (I'm the most excited about this craft adventure!), I will learn to sew. Imagine all the things I can do and make! We're looking at multiple pillows being created, table runners, kids clothes, you name it... I'm your Sally Homemaker! At this point, I cannot sew a button onto a shirt so I'm starting out fresh in the sewing world. Wish me luck... and the people teaching me too!

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  1. I love the idea of hanging recipes. How cute is that!? Thanks!