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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Costco... We meet again...

So remember when I said I wanted to be like the Pioneer Woman and stock up on my groceries in my house, therefore I won't have to grocery shop, because I hate grocery shopping...? Boy that was a long-winded sentence!

Well I went to Costco yesterday after renewing my membership, and let me just tell you, it took all I had to not buy more than what I did.

I bought pastas for days, a few canned goods for days, some fruits and veggies (not a lot since those can go bad quickly sometimes), towels for my guests to dry their lovely bodies on when they visit me... I had a ball! I think I surprised Hunter with all this food ha!

And if you've ever been into Costco, you know that words like some and few don't go hand in hand. Let me put it this way, I bought enough to last us for several, several meals... And that makes me happy.

Shopping for all these wonderful things did make me realize one thing though:

I want to grow a garden!
I'm talking a vegetable garden with some herbs. It would have squash, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, green beans, all the herbs I love to cook with... I mean why would I not grow a garden?! Lucky for me, Hunter used to work with the local research station in Quincy, FL where they specialized in horticulture. His career now also involves environmental work so I'm thinking I've got my own personal gardener! Am I right?! Oh Hunter.....

With that being said, who's coming to my house for dinner?!

               {This was just midway through my shopping trip}

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