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Friday, January 17, 2014


Friday Friday Friday FRIDAY!! I think I have a slight obsession of this day... Maybe.

1. Monday, my friend Ashley {y'all know her from The Grits Blog}, came by to see my cluttered home and meet Jep for the first time! It was love at first sight and for Jep, a new face to lick and fingers to bite... We're working on that currently {if anybody has any remedies to help curb puppy chewing on hands - other than the typical verbal reprimanding - I'll take any tips!!}.

2. More unpacking and placing items happened throughout the week. I'm astonished at the amount of stuff we have. It's not natural...

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3. Wednesday, as usual, was youth night with our middle school and high schoolers. I had the honor of teaching this Wednesday night and the topic was "Trust - Do you really trust God to depend on Him for all things?" So very appropriate for me in this time of my life... :)

4. On Tuesday and Thursday, Hunter and I cooked/entertained some of our friends. It was so nice having friends over and being able to cook for them. I love to cook for people! If you're reading this, thank you for being a guest in our home!

5. I'm actually off this lovely Friday folks. Some of us from my church and I are headed to the Passion 2014 Conference in Atlanta.... I'm so excited!!! I'll let y'all know how that goes on Monday. Until then, have a lovely weekend friends!


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