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Friday, January 3, 2014

Holla holla... It's Friday!

This week flew by at wicked lightning speed... That seems to be the case lately. Slow down a little time! It's a beautiful Friday folks - HFFF time!

1. It's a new year! New year, new beginnings, new goals... Happy happy happy! I hope 2014 brings ya'll many great things.

2. So with moving out, I've been packing and planning the layout of my house. This week, I re-established my Costco membership card. I fully believe in buying in bulk and stocking up on items like the Pioneer Woman does. I'm not a huge fan of grocery shopping {simply because I want EVERYTHING in the store, and I can't afford it} so minimal amount of grocery shopping that I have to do, means the better off everybody is.

3. My parents were so kind this Christmas to help me pay for some work to be done on my little Corolla. I dropped that baby off Thursday and she's running like a charm... Just in time for our trip to Savannah, GA this weekend!

4. Thursday Hunter and I had dinner with some of our very dear friends. I love these love birds!

5. It's Friday... What more can I say?!

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  1. OOOO what a good pic of Spens!! Sounds like a great week! I LOVE YOU BUNCHES!

    1. Yes, she's always adorable haha! We're very excited about this weekend. Love you tons!