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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Don't blink.

It's amazing how life can change in a minute. How one turn, one look, one movement could be your last.
I received a phone call yesterday from Hunter that my uncle (yes, Hunter's that close with my family that he contacted me about my uncle) had gone in for a routine visit. During this visit, they found part of his heart to be completely blocked. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, is scheduled to have a bypass surgery, and has possibly experienced a mild heart attack (they're running tests to confirm this).
It's amazing how life can change in a minute.
I've always said my aunt and uncle are my home away from home. Whenever I visit with them and stay the weekend, I feel like I'm one of their own. Their hearts are good, and their love is contagious.
As of right now, everything is in the air. The doctors are trying to approach this situation in the least traumatizing way to the body, but in the most invasive way to save him.
I challenge ya'll, today, right now, to stop for a minute. Think about where you are in life. What would people remember you for? Would it be good memories and thoughts?
I hate to be all solemn today but getting this news jarred me in a good way. Many days, I'm always thinking about the future. Like it's a guaranteed thing. But it's not. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. That doesn't mean don't have goals and dreams. Dream big! But could you definitively say that you lived a fulfilling life? Could you say that you can leave this world now, knowing that you've touched somebody's life?
So think about it. Is your heart in the right place? I know mine is.
It's amazing how life can change in a minute. Isn't it? 

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