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Friday, March 7, 2014

High 5 Fer Friday

Hey ya'll! Tis a lovely Friday, isn't it? After making it through the first week of Sessions, I can say this year is looking pretty good! Let's see what all we had going on this week...

1. Monday started off with a delicious dinner made by my sweet "twin" for Hunter and I. That girl can cook! She made a chicken enchilada casserole and I shamelessly helped myself to more than one serving. Thank you Brooke!

2. As I mentioned earlier, Sessions started this week in the Florida Legislature and we've hit the ground running. I do somewhat like the chaos that comes with it. Am I weird?!

3. I've mentioned before that I am part of the Junior Women's club here in Tallahassee. What an awesome group of professional women to be amongst! I had to forgo seeing my youth babies this week for a meeting, but totally worth it. I loved catching up with them and planning for our next big event. All you locals... jot this down in your calendar!

4. One of my brothers will be coming home this weekend to visit. I can't wait to catch up with him and see how life in Jacksonville, FL has been treating him!

5. As always, I'm a lucky lucky lady to have a guy that puts up with my craziness and hectic lifestyle. He makes me a better woman :)

Have a beautiful weekend friends!

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    1. Your quite welcome! Thank you for providing the link-up :)