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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Summertime Week #1

This week I focused on getting my diet right. If you're just now tuning in on this series, allow me to fill you in. I'm striving to be healthier about myself. I want to eat healthier and exercise to gain weight the right way... Not lose weight.
I'm sure some of you are saying, "Oh be quiet and be happy with your tiny self." Never said I wasn't happy with myself, just want to be healthier about myself. Get it? Got it? Good :)
So where was I? Oh yes, getting the diet down. Now when I say diet, I don't mean cutting out food. I'm actually adding more food to my diet, but healthier foods. Instead of 10 Oreo's and a huge glass of milk, I'm reaching for fruits, veggies, and protein bars. I need the calories to stick, and sugars that are found in Oreo's go straight through my digestive system.
The Lord says our bodies are our temples. We should treat them accordingly... So I'm trying my very best to keep that in mind!
I will say this... I haven't totally cut sweets out. I'm sorry, I have a sweet tooth like nobody's business. So I have enjoyed a couple cookies here and there, maybe some ice cream on a date. No biggie folks.
Tonight, I'll be Zumba'ing {is that a word?!} with my friend, Ashley, and I'm beyond excited to be geting healthy in a fun way. The weather this week has been beautiful and warm so I've been able to get out and take walks with Jep after work also.
This next photo is from the "photo shoot" I did this past weekend for my blog picture. I'm not quite ready to show ya'll my "fine", pale body in workout clothes. Therefore, you will be seeing me dressed but I can still show ya'll the areas I want to add muscle to.
Basically I want to go from little muscles in the arms and legs:
To Jillian Michaels muscles:
I know I can do it... It'll just take determination and will power on my end. Do ya'll think I can do it??


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    P.S. - I have the 30 Day Shred if you want me to bring that one day :)

    1. Thanky ma'am! 30 Day Shred? You must tell me more of this while we Zumba tonight ;)