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Thursday, June 5, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday + A new link-up!

Happy Thursday friends! We're almost to the glorious Friday - I can't wait!

Throwback Thursday's have become quite the thang around here. It's become the thang so much that me and a couple of ladies have teamed up to bring you an amazing link-up each week! The deets are below so be sure to scroll on down and jump in on the fun, ya'll!

Now for my #tbt....

I'm throwing it back to mine and Hunter's first kayaking trip as a couple. What a hoot that was!

Want to see if your relationship has what it takes? Go kayaking together. Seriously. And take fishing poles, sunscreen, drinks, whiney woman (that would be Hunter), and you've got yourself a test. Luckily, we survived.
Will we ever do it again? Absolutely!
Tip: If you're renting kayaks like we did, be sure to get the kayaks with feet pedals in them. Totes the way to go because can you honestly see those scrawny little arms in above picture paddling her way around the bay with a current?? I didn't think so.

Hey Y'all!!  I want to first off  introduce to you a brand new link party...3 SOUTHERN GALS THROWBACK THURSDAY!!  

What does a throwback post consist of?  For our link party, we ask that  you share any post with pictures or even a previous blog post.  We do ask that your pictures and/or post just be older than last week.  For instance you may link up a new post and share any pictures, story, or a combination of both of anything that took place prior to one week ago. 

Another example of a throwback post you can link up would be a previously written post you shared anytime prior to last week.  The link party will go live every Thursday at midnight (EST).  We will each be sharing a throwback post and hope y'all will link yours up too!  

Now lets get this party started:

Rules of the party:

  • Link up your Throwback Thursday Post (including either throwback pictures or an old blog post);
  • Please follow your THREE SOUTHERN GALS;
Cat @ Yes DEER :   Bloglovin / Twitter / Pinterest / Instagram 

Tela @ Sweet Southern T :   Bloglovin / Twitter / Pinterest / Instagram

  • Don't just link up and run...check out some other great throwback post;
  • Add our party button and/or link back to our party in your post; and 

"Y'all come back now ya hear"

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  1. Ooh, I love this new link up! Such a good idea! Now to decide what to share... :)

  2. HA, Love your TBT story and pics. My hubs and I haven't ever went kayaking together but we have fished plenty of tournaments together, does that count as a good test to a relationship ....I am going to have to say a big YES, haha. OH but so much fun :)

  3. I love this!! I just posted a TBT post! You're in my head girlie :)

    1. Also, I died at "whiney woman". That is Matt. 100%

  4. What a great idea! I added an older post, as I had already had one scheduled....thanks so much for providing a great link up!

  5. Love your pictures, Kelly! You're a braver woman than I am, because I never would have been in that kayak. LOL. Love your blog!

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie! It was definitey an adventure. Thank you for stopping by!

      Happy Thursday :)

  6. How fun!! Well I love kayaking I went when I was living in Alaska and it couldn't be any funner. But it's a challenge that's for sure. Great Link Up doll.

    --Me And My Mini Me

    1. Ooo kayaking in Alaska?! What fun!! Thank you so much for stopping by and Happy Friday :)

  7. Great link party! I had a whole tbt series planned for the next month - I am so glad I can join the party and still do that. :) I haven't kayaked in probably 10 totally made me want to go rent one for the day!

    1. Yay for perfect timing! Thank you for joining up with us! I think it was last year when we took that kayak trip so we're due for another adventure.

      Happy Friday!