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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday Wishes

Love the Here and Now

I was just thinking how grateful I am for Anne's Wednesday Wishes link-up. Any chance I can write a list to put my thoughts out of my head, and in essence on paper, is very therapeutic for me.

Therefore, ya'll, my list/wishes of jumbled and random thoughts floating through my head:
  • Now that our honeymoon is booked, we need to start looking (and booking) the many activities we're interested in doing.
  • Would I be too neurotic if I took my dress in say this weekend to get the alterations done??
  • Would I be even more neurotic to say that I'm wanting to get all the wedding deets done ASAP so that we can sit back and enjoy being engaged without having to constantly talk about plans??
  • Is that money on that tree!? Oh no, just kidding. I forgot my money tree died and isn't returning to life.
  • Did that Dunkin Donuts guy really just hit on me??
    • Me (pulling up to drive-thru window): Hey, how are ya?
    • Dunkin man: Oh hey! I'm great now that you're here!!
    • Me (laughing uncontrollably at his attempts): Okayyyy then....
    • Dunkin man (as I'm pulling away from window, laughing still): Bye!! Hope to see you soon!!
    • Bless his heart....
  • Did I brush my teeth this morning?? Yes, I did. Thank goodness.
  • I wonder if the bank received my first mortgage payment... I need to call them.
  • Thank you Lord for bringing Katie in my life... More on that soon!
  • Only 5 more days until I get paid... I think I can stretch those few dollars in my account. I think I can, I think I can!
  • Youth tonight - Don't forget Kelly!
  • Is it October 25 yet?
  • How many more days until July 4? I'm ready to put some patriotic garb on.
  • Thank you sweet baby Jesus for giving me a man that is willing to listen to my jumbled thoughts, and he actually wants to marry this.
  • The Monuments Men - fantastic!
Have a beautiful, sunshiney day ya'll!!

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  1. October will be here before you know it!!
    I love these. I hope YOU have a sunshiny day sweets!

  2. haha- Did I brush my teeth today? I have the worry along with did I put on deodorant or eat breakfast? I wish I could say it's because I was actually busy doing important stuff. But actually I'm watching Netflix or blogging and then- late!

    Whoo- honeymoon! So exciting!

  3. Every day I worry that I didnt put deoderant on! So I keep one in my car, at work, and in the diaper bag :) And waiting for payday is the worst!

  4. Hahaha that's too funny, I don't usually ask if I brushed my teeth but I will think 'did I shave my legs today'??! We're just awesome multi-taskers with a million things on our lists, who could remember everything. ;) And no, it's not wrong to try and get as much done in advance as you can! I fully support that - we did that too. Certain things will still have to be handled in the last few weeks but get things off your plate when you have time to and you'll breathe easier as you get closer!

  5. I LOVE this post! I am going to copy this- our brains are on the same page today, and when I saw this I was like WAIT did I brush MY teeth?

  6. You have me laughing.....I don't wonder about the teeth brushing worry is did I unplug the straightener? My daughters are sick of getting texts to double check that I did! I missed the post about your honeymoon...crazy week here. Off to read about that now. As always, thanks for linking up!

  7. Oh goodness you had me laughing. Love this post, with your wedding quickly approaching I can definitely understand that stress will be kicking in as you rush to have everything done in time.

    Happy Wednesday

    --Me And My Mini Me