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Friday, August 15, 2014

Full of Friday Lovin'

Happy Friday my lovely country bumpkins! Oh wait, ya'll aren't all country bumpkins like me??

Well dern.

Anywho, it's a beautiful Friday as always. I've got BIG plans this weekend:
  • Tomorrow morning me, my mom, my sister, Hunter's mom, and Hunter's sister are all going out to shop for dresses for the girls. They're my only 2 bridesmaids (don't want none of that girl drama yo) so I'm excited to be doing this with them. My mom, Hunter's mom, and I may or may not have alcohol involved... Don't judge us. You would too if you were taking 2 16 year olds dress shopping.....
  • Also tomorrow, after all the bridesmaid dress shopping excitement, all us gals will head over to the alterations shop for me to try on my dress!!! I will be taking pictures but I probably won't share on here. Tisk tisk, can't have the groom trying to sneak peeks at it! I may put one on here. As a teaser. Maybe.
  • Hopefully Saturday (didn't I say I got big plans!) Hunter and I can get our engagement pictures done. A sweet sweet friend of ours is doing them for us and I cannot wait to have them done! I will surely share them on this here bloggy as soon as I can.
  • Sunday, Hunter and I (along with a few others) will be going to a community church here in Tallahassee to support our good friend during his sermon. Hallaluyerrrr praise Jesus!
  • I think that's it.
I wasn't lying was I?! I'm uber excited to get this weekend started.

Now onto the goodies - below are some of my favorite posts of this week. Please go show these awesome sauce ladies some lovin'!
A little bit of bonus on this Friday: Hunter comes home today!!

Hope ya'll have a fantabulous weekend! Feel free to follow me on Instagram to keep up with our dress shopping doings tomorrow. Again, don't judge if you see a small wine bottle in my hands.

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  1. Busy weekend! I would def have alcohol involved with dress shopping with teenagers as well :) thanks for linking up!

  2. Awww Kelly you are too sweet to link to my post!!! Holy moley you have a great weekend planned! Haha! Yes, alcohol and shopping. Those are disastrous for me because I end up buying too much. Good thing you're shopping for them! And yayyyy! Trying on your dress!! Have so much fun! I think taking our engagement pictures was my favorite day of being engaged. It was the one day to just be silly, pretty, fun and goofy together while someone else snapped away. :) We loved having to kiss over and over and over!!

  3. GIRL I vote that you DON'T put your dress pictures on here!!!! I would HATE for your sweet groom to stumble upon them!! Not worth it ;) make it a surprise!!! But ah your weekend sounds so fun. I remember that time :) engagement season is SO awesome. Enjoy every second!!!

  4. How exciting that you get to try on your dress!! Good luck with picking them out for your bridesmaids, I remember what I was like to take shopping at 16 LOL

  5. Look at you and your busy weekend! But it sounds like your getting sh*t done, and that's awesome! I hope some alcohol is definitely involved with that dress shopping - I can only imagine dress shopping with 16-year-olds. Eek! I CANNOT WAIT to see a sneaky peek at your dress and hopefully see some engagement photos soon!! Hope all goes as planned this weekend! :-)

  6. You have good reason to be excited, sounds like the weekend of the year coming up! :) Enjoy!

  7. So much goodness for sure!! YAY for Hunter coming home :) Have a great weekend and enjoy dress shopping!

  8. Oh you DO have an awesome weekend planned!!!! I'm SO excited for you to get your bridesmaid's dresses and then to try on your dress again. I remember, before my wedding, I'd just walk around my apartment with it on while X was gone. SOOO risky considering I spill and trip like it's my job, but it was so fun, haha!

  9. Have so much fun dress shopping!! I had two bridesmaids too, and it was def. the right decision for me... less people to coordinate, and they are people that will be in my life forever!! :) :) Can't wait to hear what yall find!