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Friday, August 8, 2014

Oh hey, Friday! You're my favie!

Image MapI'm not even going to say it. Ya'll know what I'm going to say, right?

Where in the good Lord's name is the time going to?!

I give up. It's like trying to hold water in my hands... It ain't happenin!

But please don't be confused - I am not fussing. I am merely fascinated at the lack of time in each week. Here we are at another Friday and looking at Saturday in the face. Hellurrr hellurrrr!

1: This week was a pretty low-key week when it comes to extracurricular activites. I had an early breakfast this week with Ashley and that was a nice wake-me-up-for-the-day doing.

2: Can I just say... I love my future husband?? He'll always be a favorite!

This is an oldie but goodie
3: We are still on the hunt for Hunter's (ha! Hunting for Hunter... get it? get it??) suit for the wedding and he has agreed to try again tomorrow. I'm uber happy about this because like I've said before - shopping for/with him is like shopping with a woman on her period. We either want ALL the clothes or NONE of the clothes.

4: Hunter and I have had a couple of different sets of friends come forward this week asking if they can throw us different showers. We're so overwhelmed with all the love and support people are wanting to show us! Currently, people, we are at the following amount of showers:
  • Bridal shower - Kelly only
  • Friend #1 wedding shower (same day as bridal shower, but at night) - Kelly and Hunter
  • Friend #2 wedding shower (home goods/tools themed) - Kelly and Hunter
  • Bachelorette/Lingerie shower - Unfortunately for Hunter, Kelly only (don't worry honey, you'll get to see all the goodies I get on the night of our wedding. Hey hey hey!!)
5: This one's easy - it's Friday. And I just had a Chick-fil-A breakfast date with my main squeeze. It's going to be a great day!
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    1. You and Hunter are adorable! Good luck with the suit shopping tomorrow :)

    2. Just stopping by from the link up! Good luck with the wedding planning it is such a sweet time and goes by so quickly.

    3. girl stop I laugh so hard reading your posts. Shopping with a woman on her period- I just cannot!!!

    4. I love chick fila biscuits. They are yummy. I know you can't wait for the showers You're gonna have a blast and its so much fun. I enjoy seeing what all sorts of things people give at showers. It's interesting. I hope the remaining weeks to your wedding goes by fast.

    5. Lingerie showers are SO MUCH FUN! Have a blast!