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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wild Wednesday Wishes

This week has been chaos - either with work or with personal things. So this wishlist will be short, sweet, and simple... Possibly with some snarkiness added to it. Hey, bless my heart.
  1. I wish/hope my A/C unit gets repaired. Lucky for me, right as the renters move into my house, the A/C stops working and it's about $1100 of work to be done. Yes, let that sink in.
  2. I wish/hope tomorrow goes by swimmingly - we're having a Special Sessions down here in the Florida Legislature to redesign a couple of counties for local elections coming up in November. But that's just already too much unneccessary information for ya'll.
  3. Ya'll, I've been so hair-brained lately that I forgot to brush my teeth this morning. Eww... I hope my breath doesn't smell like butt.
  4. I wish my coffee would refill itself.
  5. I wish October 25 was here now... I'm ready to be MARRIED!
  6. I hope youth goes good tonight... Hunter and I will be announcing our plans to leave once the interim youth pastor steps in. Pray for us.
  7. I wish certain family members could learn to think for themselves and realize the way they treat certain folks is not A-okay... Just saying.
  8. I hope ya'll have a wonderful day! I love my readers!
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  1. Praying for yall! Breaking news like that to teens is SO HARD ):

  2. You make me laugh (at least certain things on your list do!). Hope all goes well with the AC, the special sessions, and that certain people rethink the way they treat others. They should take a page out of your kind and sweet to all.

  3. Oh nooo!!! I wish your A/C gets repaired's way too hot for it to be broken! :(


  4. Oh no AC needing repaired doesn't sound good esp when it's summer and hot. And you dont have much longer til your wedding day. I'm sure you're excited. Are you ready and prepared or do you have minor things to do?

  5. omg, that AC repair!! man! Alright yes, things seem totally crazy for you right now - I'm also wishing a margarita in your future soon!