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Friday, September 19, 2014

Blessed Friday

Did this week seem to kinda slow down for ya'll? I mean, in a sense this month has gone by so fast. Correction... my engagement has gone by so fast! But this week, I don't know. It just kind of seemed to lollygag around.
Either way, it's Friday. And I'm a happy happy happy gal.
This week was pretty uneventful for the most part. Had dinner with some friends, fellowshipped with others... All in all, nothing major happened.
And it looks like this weekend is adding up to be about the same. Except for the little fact that... Hunter's suit and the girls' bridesmaid dresses have arrived!!!
::cue celebration emoji::
When we purchased the girls' dresses, we had to do a rush order because apparently it takes eons for the bridesmaid dresses to be shipped. Whodathunk? Anyways, I called this week to just see how things were going nag because ya know, that's what us brides do, and the gal working informed me that they were actually in route to the shop!
Hallalujerrrr God is good!! That's a God moment there ya'll.

So tomorrow, I will be making a short drive to Thomasville, GA to pick up these beauties and taking them to the girls to have altered. In addition, Hunter and I will be going into the suit shop to have his measurements taken for the suit to be altered.

I'm going to have to work reallllyyyy hard to keep my hands off of that boy. Honeymoon, Kelly. Honeymoon!!

I know I'll be blowing up my Instagram feed with all of these lovely happenings so if you want to tag along for the ride, just click on over (you can also find the link to my IG under the welcome pic) and enjoy all the wedding festivities.

And these pics below are for "just because" my bearded man decided to have a photo-op with my phone...

Happy weekending friends!

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  1. YAY for the dresses coming in! I swear every bridal boutique tells people they're going to take weeks and weeeeeks to get their stuff in, but never have I experienced it actually taking that long! I think they're just in a hurry to make a sale ;) Can't wait to see all the wedding fun on IG!!

  2. Omg how exciting that your dress is coming in. Love the new blog make over looks amazing. Hope you have an amazing Friday

    --Me And My Mini Me

  3. hahahahaha - those pictures of Hunter. He is hilariously awesome.