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Monday, October 6, 2014

Days like these

Top of the mornin' to ya'll! Did ya'll just have a great weekend?? I sure did - between the beautiful weather, spending time with friends, and getting things ready for the wedding...
Isn't it cute?! My sister-in-law to-be helped me stencil the words on this palette and ta da! We make a good team. If you look close enough, behind the palette you'll see some cotton sticking up. Yep, those bad boys are going to make their grand debut at the reception too. It's all coming together!
Saturday night, Hunter and I stayed in and watched Auburn spank some LSU tiger bootay. For all my football loving freaks like me, wasn't it great with all those upsets?! Anyways, the boys just couldn't hang with us...
Yes, Jep is laying his head on Manny's
We were able to spend time with friends this weekend and it was so much fun being able to stuff our faces with food, spend time around a fire, and just laugh hysterically over anything and everything. It makes my soul so happy!

Here's another picture of my precious baby... #ilovemypit

Saturday morning, Hunter, his dad, his sister, and I all went to a local historical mission site - Mission San Luis. I'll have a post later on in the week about this place with tons of pitchas but it was way cool! We're history buffs so we love this kind of stuff...
Happy Monday friends!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! :) I love the sign - and the pic of the dogs cuddling haha

  2. so fun! I love the sign- can you please make my signs for my weddingggg! haha (:

  3. Hilarious pics of the pups!! ha! I love the wood pallet, Kelly! Such a cute idea!