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Friday, October 17, 2014

Happiest of Friday's!

Happy Friday my little chickens! Can I just throw this out there?
The world IS actually spinning faster.
Seriously. I have decided this and therefore, it is true.
But seriously, ya'll, this week flew by so dang fast that it actually doesn't feel like Friday to me. I'm certainly not complaining because I'll be off all next week to get things ready for...
Have I annoyed ya'll yet with my wedding craze? I haven't? Oh good, because it's only 8 days away. So 8 more days of me badgering the heck outta ya'll + recaps that will surely come afterwards. Ya'll just wait.
All wedding things aside for a moment, Hunter and I have some fun things planned for this weekend:
one: Tallahassee has what's called the Downtown Getdown each Friday that FSU has a home game. Basically it's a huge neighborhood block party where people and local vendors all come together to mingle. Most do it over their love of FSU's football (gag); I go for the food and beer #sorrynotsorry. Tonight, Chase Rice will be singing at the DTGD which I'm a bit excited about!
two: Tomorrow, me and Hunter, along with a couple of our friends, will be meeting up for lunch and then the punnnnnkkkiiinnnn patch (pumpkin patch for those who don't understand squeals)!! We need pumpkins of all sizes and other fall decorations for our wedding. I can't wait.
three: Also tomorrow, Hunter and I will be celebrating the marriage of some of our friends at their shower. It's kind of nice to see the roles reversed ha! But these friends of ours are absolute gems. Anna will actually be singing in our wedding, and her fiancé Sam is our DJ for the reception. Love ya'll!
four: This sounds horrible, but thank God Auburn has a bye week. After last week's horrific loss to Miss State (which I fully believe Auburn deserved to lose that game because they looked like a high school football team out there #truthhurts), my nerves just can't even deal right now with another loss. Ya'll, I was so sick of that game that I stopped watching the game for about 30 minutes to go pull weeds out of the yard. Seriously....
five: I mentioned it yesterday but Hunter and I are #msabc on Sunday!
I hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend! I will be around next week with some posts and answering emails so feel free to stop on by!

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  1. eeee 8 days!!!!!

    hahaha I spit out my food at #truthhurts

  2. You have quite the weekend planned! I am crazily excited for your wedding to happen so I can see pictures! Happy Weekend Lovely!

  3. Eight days already? That flew by! Can't wait to see pics :)

  4. Hope you had an awesome week - and that your week ahead is RESTFUL, AMAZING, and FULL of celebrations for the upcoming day!!!! =) xo