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Monday, October 13, 2014

It's been one of those days

Ya'll, I had a great post planned for today. It's all about real talk, transparency, and admitting to my own flaws. And I can promise you that that will go out, probably tomorrow because hey, I need some advice and constructive criticism.
My heart was called to put up something different today. With Jep waking me up at 5:00 this morning to go to the bathroom, not being able to fall back to sleep only to get up and find that Jep decided to throw a party with full vacuum bag of dust, dirt, God knows what else. And then there was this...
What do ya'll think I did? I opened it. Yep... I'm that girl in the horror movies that stupidly walks into a dark room where the mad axer is waiting to chop me into a million little pieces, even though all signs clearly point to don't do it!
And then there's something else that's been going on in my life.
Early Saturday morning, I woke to find out that my sweet lifelong friend, Lindsey, had a seizure the night before. She has bleeding on the brain (that the doctors think has stopped - blessed Jesus), and is currently in the hospital very very heavily sedated.
Mom and I spent time at the hospital with her family, visiting with Lindsey for just a minute (she had to be rushed back out to do more MRI's). We're rejoicing in the fact that when she came to very briefly that she recognized my mom and I. We're rejoicing in the fact that the doctors have only found bleeding on the outside of the brain rather than inside the brain. We're rejoicing in the fact that God is so damn good because she was with her parents, eating dinner at Sonny's, less than a mile from the emergency room.
I have spent this weekend staying busy. I won't allow myself to slow down because when I do, I think of her and I begin to cry because I think of all the what if's. Ya'll, I watched this girl grow up. This girl played dress up with me and her sisters. She has the voice of an angel and loves God with her whole heart.
Heck, she won the toilet paper bridal dress game at my bridal shower just 2 weeks ago. I'd like to think all our time playing dress up had something to do with that.

Ya'll, please please please pray for my sweet Linds. I don't care what faith you believe in, I don't care where your walk with Jesus is, just pray to God that she will be okay. I need this girl in my life like some kind of fierce.
With all of this going on, I can't help but thank Emily for her wisdom and grace to embrace each day and moment as they come. In these heartbreaking moments, I'm so grateful for my God. I'm so grateful that He was with Lindsey in those moments that were bleak. I'm beyond grateful that He is still with her as she is recovering. And He is so good to be giving the strength that her family and friends need to get through this.
It's moments like those that make me so grateful for friends. Last night, I had my bachelorette dinner at the Melting Pot with my girlfriends and the women in my family. We laughed until we cried. We toasted with champagne to the coming days. We ate delicious fondue until we were sick.
I needed that.
I almost called off last night but then realized I needed that time to unwind. So to the beautiful women who kept my mind busy last night, you will never know how much that meant to me. I truly love each and every one of you more than words can say. Now I've got to go find some tissues to stop the tears. Thanks a heap... :) 
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  1. Prayers, prayers and more prayers for Lindsey! So sorry is she going through this!

  2. Praying for your sweet friend, Kelly. Lots of positives in her status to be grateful for and to focus on - and I am praying for more!!!! xo

  3. Praying praying praying for your friend Lindsey and for you having to go through this right before your big day. God is an awesome God and he is with you both!

  4. thank you so much, kelly. love you :)

  5. Oh, Kelly, I'm so sorry! I'll be praying for your sweet friend, Lindsey. That is so hard to go through... to see friends go through things like this. Praise God she seems to be doing better and we'll just keep praying that it continues that way, and quickly. I'm glad you had such a refreshing night for your bachelorette dinner! xoxo. Praying for Lindsey and praying for you.

    (You know I have to ask... 1. WHY did you open the spider box and 2. WHY was there a spider box?!)

  6. My Prayers are with your friend and I'm so sorry to hear your day is going well.

    --Me and My Mini Me

  7. oh Kelly! prayers like crazy for your sweet friend and her family!

  8. Sending so much love and prayer into the universe right now. I hope things have started improving since you posted this. Stay strong.