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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Testing testing... Is this thing even on?

Ya'll, I'm finally sitting down to breathe after 2 lonnnnngggggg days of wedding prep. I'm so tired, but it's a great tired. Trust me!

Many folks commented that I went into this week pretty prepared with all the details and I can honestly say yes... to the big details. But man oh man, those little details are the devil!

For example... Finding out you're short silverware once you start rolling them. Finding out there are a million and one ways to arrange the barn for efficiency. Finding out that your allergies really really hate you when you lay down that thick layer of hay.

But we are seeing some great things come together! We found that we didn't have to use as much hay for the barn floor. The white tulle looks fantabulous  against the rustic wood and lights. That "W" hanging on the wall just makes me squeal.

I promise to provide pitchas for the next few days... I just wanted to check in with ya'lls lovely faces. So tell me... What have ya'll been up to this week??

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  1. This is all so exciting. Your wedding is getting closer and closer and I truly can't wait to see the pictures of your special day. I hope that everything comes out better than you expected.

    --Me and My Mini Me

  2. I can't even wait to see how it all turns out! Have so much fun and dance your pants off!