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Friday, January 23, 2015

Ain't nobody got time for that

Ya'll, I barely made it out of the house today with my clothes on. Between oversleeping, horrible weather, trying to get the dogs ready... I'm pooped. I know I promised ya'll a review of the book Forgotten God by Francis Chan but I decided last minute that I really wanted to collaborate with Hunter on the review of this book. We both read it, loved it, and have a lot of thoughts about it. So, Monday will be that lucky day.
In honor of it being Friday, and the fact that I managed to put clothes on, let's have an honorary photo dump. I love Em's idea of Project 52 where each week has a picture that somewhat represents a moment from that week. Friends, I give you my last 3 weeks...
Week 1

Sometimes, cookies just don't work out.
Week 2

You make beautiful things, Lord.
Week 3

Even though we have survived every thunderstorm, they're still so scary.
Happy Friday friends!

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  1. hahaha! Oh those cookies... girl, it happens to the best of us ;) What a beautiful shot for week 2! I'm so excited you're doing this, Kelly!!

  2. What a beautiful view!! Is that near your house?? (Been there with cookies like that lol - sometimes even if they look horrible, they taste good still!!)

  3. Hahaha my husband would have TOTALLY still eaten those cookies. Seriously hahahha