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Friday, January 16, 2015

Because I'm all about that bass

It's been a week ya'll - not bad by any means - but just a week! The fact that we're already past the halfway mark through the month of January is beyond me. But hey, what can ya do right? It's just all part of the fun!
How about a list of randoms for this here Friday?

* I've been making a diligent effort to get up earlier (read: when my alarm goes off) in the mornings to exercise/stretch and study the Word. So far so good!

* I'm off work today - helllurrrrr!

* Did ya'll catch what my word for the year is? I'm going to make it a point to practice that word for more than just this year.

* This is the year of weddings my friends. We have several friends and family members that are getting married and we could not be more excited for them and their new chapter in their lives!

* My body is slightly confused at the moment with the constant up and down changes of the weather patterns here in north Florida. Just pick a dang temp and stick with it for more than one day!

* I cannot express enough words for the appreciation I have for blogger friends that have turned into real life friends. I love that we can text/email with each other on life's every day adventures, and serve as each others cheerleaders. It does my weary soul some good.

* Speaking of weary soul - I had dinner this week with some of the bestest ladies around, and it completely rejuvenated me. Their hearts are just unbelievably wonderful and they completely humble me with their kindness.

* God has continuously blessed Hunter and I throughout these last few weeks. He has provided when we were/are not able to.

* I started and finished this book in literally just a few hours. My spirit has been thirsting for more and this book inspired me in a whole new way. I'll have a blurp about it next week but I cannot stress the fact enough - pick up this book and read it!

Have a wonderful weekend friends! Always, remember to smile :)

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  1. Happy Friday friend! Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

  2. Can't wait to hear more about this book, Kelly! Have a great weekend! :)

  3. i can't believe it's over half way through january either. and i've been working on waiting up earlier too - it's so tough!

  4. I've been wanting to read that book! It's def on my list. Man, props to you for getting up early to work out and study the Word. I haven't been able to do it quite yet. I'm just SO SO tired in the mornings. I need motivation! Knowing you do it is encouraging for me!!