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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Share the LOVE

I always love hearing and seeing good things happen to people. It makes my heart warm knowing that their lives are changing, big things are happening, and the good Lord is seeing it through. It's also fun to share that good news with others because why not??
Some of our closest friends are expecting! We could not be more excited for them and I personally cannot wait to spoil the crap out of that child. Sorry Mike and SB, it's just part of it. Is that not the cutest announcement ever?!
A very near and dear friend to my heart has taken a leap of faith into photography and ya'll, she is awesome. I'm not just saying that because she's my fraaaannnddd but because she is legit awesome. Her focus is on sports and yea... Ya'll will just have to check out her Instagram and show her some love!
My pups really are best friends... And that is good news right there because it makes our lives that much easier.
That's the look of, "Seriously mom. The sun's not even out."
There are so many great things going on around us that sometimes we forget to take notice. Sometimes, it's so easy to fall into the trap of repetition and take for granted the little wonderful things happening in our lives, and others. Today, take time to notice not only the good in your life but in your friends' and family members' lives. And give them a big hug!

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  1. I LOVE focusing on good things every day - and even better when they are for the loved ones in our lives. You have a lot of exciting things going on!

  2. LOVE! It's the little things in life. Have a beautiful day sweet pea!

  3. Ok that is the best pregnancy announcement I've ever seen! Love it!!!