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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Challenge for the day

We are exactly in the middle of Special Sessions right now, down to the day. So because I'm running around like a mad woman (read: forgot to put something together for your lovely eyes), and we're busy bee's this morning, I've decided to share a sermon that my sweet friend Emily sent to me.
We watched Week 3: Some Things Don't Mix, and let me tell ya'll... we will be going back to watch the others in this series that they are studying. Holy sweet mother of Jesus. This spoke to our hearts in wavelengths that were off the charts. After we watched the sermon, Hunter wanted to listen to the music from that worship. So there we sat, in our bed, rocking out with the band on the screen.
This sermon lead to a very long, deep conversation. The pastor had so many great points but there was one thing that he said, that stuck out to me like a sore thumb. He said something to the effect of, "Hey, please really try to stay with me through this study. This is not going to be easy to listen to for some. And if you decide at the end of all of this that you can't be a part of a church that operates by loving people (rather than just showing up on Sunday's to church and calling it a good day), then we'll surely miss you." THAT NEEDS TO BE SAID MORE OFTEN. You don't like the way the ship is running, feel free to jump ship at any time. We'll surely miss you, and only wish the best for you, but we need to focus on loving people and reaching people outside of these walls.
Trust me when I say this, Hunter and I plan on saying that a bit more often now. No more hiding behind curtains, afraid of how we'll be judged by members in the church. No more, "Well maybe we can get people on board." No, it's, "This is what we're doing. If you're along for the ride - GREAT! If not, we love you and will miss having you by our sides to share the Gospel. BUT WE'RE HERE FOR CHRIST."
Guys, be prepared to have your rusty wheels spinning in circles. I challenge ya'll to really listen and think about what the pastor is saying. And I certainly challenge ya'll to engage in theological debates with somebody over this topic. Love ya'll to the moon!

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  1. Oh this seems amazing. I should take a listen. It's so true! So many churches operate under making sure their "members" are happy..but really? Were there to chase after people with God's love!!!

  2. So good! I get so tired of being apart of churches whose main goal is NUMBERS! Ugh...such a turn off to me!

  3. You know how I feel!! ;) So excited you shared this, Kel. I have draft after draft of thoughts to be shared on these sermons... waiting until the message this weekend because I know God has much more to share before I hit publish :) XO!!