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Monday, June 8, 2015

Grateful Monday's + Theological Debates

Happiest of Monday's to you, and to you, and to you! Wasn't it just a glorious weekend? We were able to relax with friends and family all weekend long. My heart is happy.
As a believer, youth leader, Christ follower, I love a good, wholesome, respectful debate on theologies. Weird, I know because most folks don't like the challenge that can be presented when somebody asks you the hard questions of life. Like why does God allow bad things happen to good people? Or why are there so many religions and aren't we all just trying to get to the same place? And what about the questions that revolve around homosexuality, abortions, etc.?
(1 Peter 3:15-16)
What? Those questions make ya'll uncomfortable?
Not me! I'm so grateful for those moments I get to spend some quality time with a person (or people) to hash out life's tough questions. It forces us to fully rely on faith, scripture, and the promises of God. A very wise friend of mine and Hunter's once asked us this question (hi Gus!): How are you filling your wells up? With that simple question, we realized the importance of filling our wells up daily through scripture, praying, and yes, theological debates.
So tell me, do you love a good theological debate?


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  1. oh I love this! I have such a better day when I fill it with the word. I definitely feel a little nervous when I get asked these questions, not because I worry about my faith but more so because I know the answers but to some people it doesn't matter. I am an evangelist but sometimes its hard. I don't know the right ways of going about it sometimes...I'm learning.

  2. Oh man I've had these same thoughts lately! I spent last week in Utah and spoke to a Mormon lady in the airport and it made me think "I really need to be prepared with answers and be so solid in my faith that I can have an intelligent, informed conversation with anyone." Hope you have a great week, Kelly!

  3. Absolutely! I think you're right on this post! I love a good theological long as it's respectful, informed and doesn't veer into "right fighting" where each person is insistent that their way is the correct way and they're not open to seeing other perspectives. It can really open your eyes to new ways of thinking about God and our faith!

  4. I think it depends on whether it's a debate or just a demand that one recite the loyalty oath. I guess I've seen too well what has happened to the conservative movement with the rise of some commentators who seem to thrive on denouncing any different views as liberal, socialistic or (almost always wrongly) communistic, with the result that ideas stop evolving. I guess the equivalent would be different faiths 'debating' by (say) simply snarling back and forth 'heretic!' and 'idolator!'.