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Friday, July 3, 2015

4th of July eve

I'm off on this beautiful 4th of July eve day and I plan on making the most of my day! We'll be heading to camp next week with our youth students and guys, I cannot begin to express the excitement I'm feeling right now. Hunter and I cannot wait to get away with these 17 (yes, 17!) teenagers to do nothing but the Gospel, love God, and love each other.
Well... Hopefully love each other. By day 4 out of 5 we may not be loving each other that much. Ha! But it's going to be great!
If ya'll could join me in prayer, that would be just fab!
Thank you for another beautiful day of life! Thank you for waking us up today to be able to do your work here on earth. Thank you for gifting us each our own gifts to bring glory to your name.
God, I pray for our teenagers. I pray that you will reach them in ways they've never felt before. I pray that you will move them to be so on fire for you and your glory. Thank you for bringing each of these teenagers into our lives, and allowing us to love on them. I pray that they seek Your face always.
God I pray for energy and strength as we will need it each day we are there. I know that you are good and faithful, and your Spirit will provide for each of those needs whether they're physically, spiritually, or mentally. As always God, use us in ways we've never been used before. Tell us where to go, lead us, and we'll follow. We want to bring glory to You, and You alone.
As we go through this week God, I pray that you will watch over our families and friends back home. Love on them God, as we would. Thank you for your love and mercies anew each day.
In Your precious Son's holy name,
I'll be checking out from life all next week but I can't wait to catch back up with everybody to share our adventures. #FUGE15 here we come!

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