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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Continuing on

So remember that list I started before I left for camp? The one that talked about 27 things I've learned in my {almost} 27 years of life?
You do? Great! Let's continue that list...
11:// Constructive criticism is important. That is, if it's done out of love. Sometimes it's not easy to hear the truth but if it's beneficial to all parties involved, then it's necessary for growth.
12:// Acting your age is so overrated. Watch kid movies, laugh at silly jokes, play pranks on your loved ones, frolic in the front yard. Live life with the innocence of a child - it makes the dark days a little brighter for all those around you.

13:// Budgeting is actually cool. Coming off of college with a good bit of debt attached to me + Hunter's tiny bit of debt = a nice hunk of debt for the both of us. Establishing a budget and sticking to the budget is key to kicking that debt in the buttocks. Of course, always remember to have a bit of fun.
14:// Going off of budgeting... Cash is KING. Seriously, you will never find somebody who hates credit cards more than I do. They are the absolute devil, credit card companies know that, and they have successfully fed the lie to people that we all need credit cards. Do yourself a favor and don't get credit cards. If you do have them such as I, cut them up.
15:// Honesty is the best medicine you'll offer to somebody. I feel like there are a lot of lies, fakes, and wanna-be's in our society. Honesty is very rare to come by and should be treasured, praised, and embraced more often. I'm honest (to a fault sometimes) with people when it comes to my opinions and I'm not ashamed of them. Don't forget though to show honesty with love. Honesty without love is just meanness.
16:// Reserved. This was my word for the year and I'm surprisingly doing better than I thought I would. I've learned to hold my tongue when necessary and to share when welcomed. Now I just need to work on my facial expressions... Those tend to get me in trouble ha!

17:// Don't expect {and wait} on people to come to you. You go to them! This was something I really struggled with in my young 20's. I just couldn't understand why I felt like I was having to do to get up with my "friends". I've found that if you reach out to those true friends you love, they will reciprocate it. Trust me on this one.

18:// Experiences are so much more valuable than an actual gift. This irks Hunter at times because when it comes to events, such as my birthday, he'll ask, "What do you want." My response is pretty much almost always this: "Spend time with me."  You never know when you may get another chance with a person so I take experiences any day over material gifts.

19:// You don't have to have a relationship with someone to love them. Let me repeat that again because this is something I've just discovered in the last year: You don't have to have a relationship with someone to love them. Especially if it's person that you just can't jive with or your relationship/friendship is like mixing fire and gasoline. Just doesn't work my friends. You can still love someone, pray for them earnestly, and even send out "hope you're doing well" texts, and not have to have a forced relationship/friendship. Your fried nerves will thank you.

20:// Quiet time with God can be anything. Some days my quiet time looks like reading a book that forces me to meditate on Jesus. Other days it's conversations with Him in the car while I drive (yes, out loud conversations). And sometimes it's singing off key with my husband to worship songs while he plays the guitar, and allowing the words to penetrate my soul. Whatever that quiet time looks like for you, know that God loves spending it with you.

I'll wrap up next week with the remaining 7 things I've learned! I can honestly say this - God has really been too good to me in {almost} 27 years of life.

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  1. Yes budgeting! So good!!!! I think it's so important to do!!!

  2. Love this- #12 for sure... Disney movies, dance parties, being silly just makes life awesome! :) And just say no to credit cards and yes to budgeting-- preach girl!

  3. I love this list and it's such a good idea! I totally agree on #12. I don't even know what I would do if I acted 23 alllllll the time haha I sure do love Mary kate & Ashley movies still :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  4. I couldn't agree more about the importance of honesty! Great list!!

  5. Loved reading these...great lessons. Budgeting is becoming my best friend. I have a love/hate relationship with it. Nice saving money but darn it...there's so much I want to do!

  6. LOVE this!! And 12...yes, so good! xoxo