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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Currently + Kelly style

Happy Wednesday to all you lovely folks! Wipe those eye boogers from your eyes and put that smile on, it's a new day. I'm playing a bit of catch-up here today so let's make this a relaxed get-together, shall we?
reading:// Spiritual Leadership - it's a book about leadership and the skills one must be endowed with to be able to lead effectively and with purpose. It's really good so far!
eating:// Don't judge me, there were leftover donuts and cinnamon bread. I'm having one of each....
thinking:// I cannot wait to see my babies {fur babies} tonight! Oh how I've missed them. I'm also picking my mom up tonight and taking her to dinner as a thank-you for watching our babies all week long. Poor thing, she's had a crazy week.
how can you not love this face?!
thanking:// God that we had a wonderful 4 days with the boys we've been watching. I was actually sad this morning to see them off to school, knowing it was my last morning to wake them up. We're definitely up for doing it all again!
planning:// our Disney trip! We're about 1.5 months away from celebrating 1 year of marriage at the happiest place on earth. I just squealed typing that.
loving:// my husband. He's really the best.

Uh le duh, who else would be on my phone screen?

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  1. Fall is the time to eat all the donuts and pastries ever!

  2. I love the photo of your dog. Lord but you'd SWEAR they could talk!